Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.

Archon Dance

Friday and Saturday evenings in the DoubleTree
Fans dance wildly to the sounds of the DJ at Archon.

The Archon Dance is open to all badged attendees, running from 9 p.m. until well into the wee hours. You read that right; you can totally come to the dance once your game/panel/party/event is over, and it will still be going strong WELL past midnight. It's cosplay/costume friendly, so feel free to come and show off that awesome outfit you've got. The dance is "family friendly", music-wise until 10:30p.m.. What that means is that before 10:30 p.m., the music is safe for kids to hear. After that, we will open the playlist up to harder music, which will include songs with mature lyrics. From 11 p.m. onward, dance will be limited to young adult badges and older.

While cosplay/costuming is welcome/encouraged, it is by no means a requirement.

This year's themes will be...

Friday Night: Retropocalypse

Saturday Night: Transcendence 

As for the music: There is no set playlist, we play it by ear based on the crowd and what they want to hear. Themes will have no real impact on what music gets played; it'll be the same Archon dance, musically, that you've come to expect every year. We will be open to fielding requests at some point shortly after the dance starts each night. (Read: Please be patient with us as we finish the equipment tweaking and setting up the initial song queue.)

~DJ Seantaclaus

Music Requests

Some considerations about music requests to keep in mind:

  • Things we may like hearing, versus things that are going to go well for dancing, may not be the same thing.
  • Any suggestions received or donated does not guaranteed it will get played. Given the time alloted and volume of suggestions and materials received, it might not even get a chance to be reviewed.
  • Currently, the ONLY acceptable format is a standard CD. No flash drives, DVD, etc.
  • Those of us that put on the dance provide our time and DJ services for free (because we like you), and as such, please understand that any music purchases come out of our own pockets.

    More Information

    DJ Seantaclaus
    seantaclaus@gmail DOT com with "Archon Dance" in the subject line or on Facebook.