Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.

Program Book Advertising

The con committee is working on the next BIG event for you. Secure your hotel reservations ASAP and pre-register to take advantage of low badge rates and miss the last minute lines!

Every attendee gets a 8.5” x 11”, high-quality, color glossy program book at Archon tentatively with a color cover, by the Artist GoH.

Attention Artists & Authors

Deadline: September 1st, 2017

We want to promote more of the fan community' s (artist, amateur or pro) sci-fi related work in our program book.

  • Artists: Submit black and white art (scan, b&w, TIF, JPG, or PNG, 300 dpi).
  • Authors: Submit excerpts from your work as a Word (.doc) file or (.txt) file.
  • There is no money involved, but you will receive byline credit, the artist retains publishing rights. Please submit work by email (put Archon Program Book Art in the subject line). Do not be concerned about the size of the image, photos will be re-sized to accomodate available space in program book. It can be line art or painting, crayon, whatever. You will get your name in the credits. Dropbox is available for those who would prefer it.

    Put your Business or Personal Ad in the book:

    Pro Fan Ad Type
    $500 $500 four-color back cover
    $300 $200 B&W back cover
    $250 $150 Inside back cover
    $210 $105 interior full page
    $110 $55 half-page horizontal
    $120 $60 half-page vertical
    $65 $35 quarter-page horizontal
    $75 $40 quarter-page vertical
      $10 non-commercial business-card size ads

    More Information

    Jon Sies

    Please place "Archon PB Submission" in the Subject line.