Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.


"A man is defined by his actions, not his memories."
— Total Recall

Latest News

The Filk track at Archon is already beginning to expand into something larger than expected.

Firstly, Archon's resident band from the north, Toyboat, is planning on coming down again to enhance our musical presence (and, we might add, on their own nickel, as they have always done). This also means appearances by Cathy McManamon and Mike Nixon, which is nothing if not an added benefit.

Secondly, Alexander James Adams is also returning to Archon. He will be doing a solo appearance, as well as an appearance for "Canticle", the fan funded production out of Hollywood masterminded by St. Louis entrepreneur Matthew Morresse.

Thirdly, our author Guest of Honor, Seanan McGuire, will also be doing an appearance to help satisfy the demands of her Filking gene, which is, in her case, both prominent and prolific.

In addition, there are also other possible guest appearances still in the works but almost assured to happen, so there will definitely be more to come.

Stay tuned!!!




Filk is the musical soundtrack of science fiction and fantasy fandom and the active filk programming track at Archon is bursting!

Tin Filker Songwriting Contest

Our annual Tin Filker Songwriting Contest will be held during the Dead Puppy Filk on Sunday afternoon.

Subject: (Announced here, 1 week before the convention)

The Tin Filker rules are easy, the song needs at least 2 verses and a chorus, or the equivalent, and must be preformed at the convention between the Friday before the con and the Sunday of Archon. The song may be performed by the author or another person, but the author must be present to compete. Playing of an instrument is not necessary, a capella is fine, and it can be original or a parody of an existing song. The Tin Filker takes place on Sunday (check program schedule). Judges may include past Tin Filker winners or be celebrity judges pulled from the guests. The winner will have their song featured in the Archon Filkbook and be featured on the filk page of the Archon website. Good luck and have fun!

Speaking of which, the Annual Archon Filkbook is open to submissions until August 10th. Send them to archonpr@sbcglobal.net. Please keep in mind our songbooks are PG-13.

Filking Schedule

Open Filking Friday and Saturday in the St. Clair Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel.  On Friday it begins at 10:30pm, or as close as possible, after the concerts.  Saturday begins 10:00pm.  We keep going until we’re too tired to sing, or we run out of music! FREE ARCHON SONGBOOK TO ALL OPEN FILK ATTENDEES!!  Everyone welcome!
    Friday Concerts begin at 7:00pm in the LaSalle of the Gateway Center.
    Saturday Concerts begin 12:00pm in the St. Clair Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel.
    Sunday has the Dead Puppy Filk and the Annual Tin Filker Songwriting Contest beginning at 1:00.

Archon 40 Tin Filker Contest Winners

1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -

More Information

Gary Hanak
website: http://www.mofilker.com/

Send submissions and questions to:

Cat Greenberg
Archon PR Chair and Filk Program Assistant

Filking Biographies

Cat Greenberg | Gary Hanak

Cat Greenberg

is a fiction writer, filker and song writer from St. Louis, Missouri, part of the filk band The Unusual Suspects along with her daughter, Valerie Ritchie and Mark Ewbank (and of whom Cat's late husband, Bari Greenberg, was an integral part.) She's appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, the DAW anthologies Sword & Sorceress 11 and Four Moons of Darkover, (under the name Sandra C. Morrese) and most recently in Sword & Sorceress 29 with a story co-authored with Bari. She also spent 14 years as the advertising director for the SFWA Bulletin. She and Bari opened Mountain Cat Media LLC, producing their band's 2012 debut CD, Accidental Filk Band, and in 2013 the couple's duet CD, Romancing the Filk. Cat is currently also the Public Relations Chair for Archon.

Gary "MoFilker" Hanak

Gary was the Filk GoH at NameThatCon 12--Conzilla, M.O.O.N.Con 1, and Duckon 20.  (He was scheduled to be the Filk GoH at Daranacon 1, but, sadly, Daranacon did not achieve lift-off.)  He was a regular guest at ShowMeCon when it was active in St. Louis, and once was sort of an invited guest at Windycon. 

In 2013, he was nominated for Best Performer and had three songs nominated for Pegasus awards, and in 2014 had the honor of winning the Pegasus for Best Classic Filk Song.  He has won multiple song contest awards at OVFF, including Audience Choice for his 2012 song contest entry "We Dared to Dream", and second place for his 2014 entry "Sticky Situation". 

In March of 2015, he was the Interfilk Guest at Consonance in San Francisco. 

In April of 2017, Gary was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame at FilkOntario, and won 2nd place for his contest entry, "Wandering the Digital Highway", and 1st place for his Penguin Contest entry, "Collops for the Bibliothecaries"

Gary started on the accordion (don't ask...it was almost 60 years ago), and in the intervening decades has added guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele.  (Everybody plays the ukulele.)  He also sings, has directed a barbershop chorus, and done the occasional stint as a choir director.

Gary has been saddled with the dubious distinction of being the Archon Filk chair for the last couple decades.  Since the program has not died yet, he considers this to mean the effort has been at least marginally successful.  When not working as an engineer for a large defense contractor in St. Louis, he plays around town as part of the duo "Not Wired Right" and as a solo under his own name.