Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.

Con Committee

"There's that word again. "Heavy." Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?" - Back to the Future

Please remember that Committee members do what they do because they LOVE ARCHON!

None of them are paid for their services, time or effort to bring you what you will experience over the weekend. Please keep this in mind when working with them over the weekend and throughout the year.

General Information

PO BOX 440332


Please remember to include your name and/or business and a phone number to reach you.

Department Email Contact Name
General Requests
Chairman conchair@archonstl.org Alan DeVaughan
Chairman conchair@archonstl.org Scott Corwin
Art Show artshow@archonstl.org Michelle Zellich
Charity charity@archonstl.org  
Children’s Programming children@archonstl.org Stacie and Bruce Campbell
Bookseller's Row booksellers@archonstl.org Jill Lybarger and John O’Reilly
Dealer’s Room dealers@archonstl.org Jill Lybarger and John O'Reilly
Fan Club fanclub@archonstl.org Dave Phelps
Filking filking@archonstl.org Gary Hanak and Sandra Greenberg
Gaming gaming@archonstl.org Tracy Hanners
Media Guests mediaguests@archonstl.org Alesia Clardy
Pro Guests archonpros@gmail.com Zoanne Leavy
Facilities conchair@archonstl.org
Hall Costume Contest hallcostume@archonstl.org Jeff Finazzo
Masquerade masquerade@archonstl.org Sheila Lenkman
Masquerade House Manager housemanager@archonstl.org Lynne DeVaughan
Hospitality & Room Parties hospitality@archonstl.org Steve Denton
Press & Public Relations press@archonstl.org  
Dance   Seantaclaus
Program Book & Artist Alley artistalley@archonstl.org or programbook@archonstl.org
Jon Sies
Programming programming@archonstl.org Patricia McFadden and Erin McFadden
Registration registration@archonstl.org Maureen and Randy Davis
Security & Safety security@archonstl.org Bill Thomas
Volunteers volunteers@archonstl.org or archon.grunts@gmail.com Jason and Esther Halbert
Systems Admin & Webpresence archonsage@archonstl.org Draco Fornax
Lost and Found & Logistics lostandfound@archonstl.org Sean Sendlein
Audio & Video   Brian Oleson
Transportation & Guest Liaison   TBD
Con HQ   Mike Zoeller
VIP   Darlene Hatley
Treasurer   Bob Stoltman
Travel Agent   Chris "Tyger" Roth
RPGA   Marshall Mullins
Masquerade Photography   Mike Evans
General Photography   Mike Evans
Event Newsletter   Jeanne Norris
Printing   Gene-Del Printing, Inc.