Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.

Security & Safety

The con committee is working on the next BIG event for you. Secure your hotel reservations ASAP and pre-register to take advantage of low badge rates and miss the last minute lines!
R2 sits in Jail at Archon.

What is Archon about?

Archon IS about people having fun, meeting new people, catching up with old friends they only get to see once a year, and making old-new friends.

Archon IS about expressing yourself, your ideas and learning about others.

Archon IS about people watching and experiencing the newest trends, authors, sciences, movies… All of those things which drew you to fandom in the first place. Deep discussions about card games, movies and books… This is what Archon IS about.

Archon IS about RESPECT. Respect for fellow Archon attendees, the facilities and also for yourself. Respect Archon and you’ll always have a friend.

Archon IS about casting a wide cultural diverse net to be inclusive in lieu of mundane exclusivity.

What is Archon NOT going to allow

Archon is NOT a rave. (If you’re coming to Archon to have a ‘rave’ experience, you’re wasting your time. And there’s a very real chance you will have a ‘bad trip’ if that’s why you’re traveling to Archon.)

Archon is NOT a place to be anti-social. (This is a PRIVATE event. You are allowed to attend. It isn’t open to the public. You must have permission to attend -re: Badge. So, if this is your big chance to get that fifteen minutes of YouTube Cell Phone fame and your own reality gig by clowning around risking your safety or that of others, your plans should change now. The Archon Convention has not been around for 37 years because we’ve allowed dangerous nonsense to go on. Think about it.)

Archon is NOT going to tolerate behaviors which jeopardize anyone’s safety. Full stop. (If you’re not sure whether or not the behavior you’re participating in falls into this category…then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.)

Archon is NOT a place to go trolling. (If we find that sort of behavior, there are no warnings or ‘three strikes’ rules or any ‘you better straighten up and fly right’ speeches. You’re out and that’s immediate and permanent. Not to mention, the several law enforcement plain clothes officers on-duty during the weekend would be very happy to get a LOT more information on and about you. Get put on that low-jack list for the rest of your life and see how that works out for you. It will sure look good on a resume. Think you’re going to get away with it? Think again. No parent is going to need to worry about how seriously Archon takes the security of their Conventioneers. We take it to heart.)

Archon is NOT about one person’s happiness from another person’s misery. And this behavior will NOT be tolerated.

If you agree, then come to Archon. Have fun..! Be safe… Meet up… Go to the Programming events… Sit in on an Author reading their work… A panel on making the best Steampunk outfit ever made… Do a LARP… Get your song-on in a Filk session… Spend a few dozen hours in the non-stop gaming areas… THERE IS A TON OF GREAT STUFF HERE!

Come closing ceremonies on Sunday, our goal is to make you desire to be back next year! And we mean that. Everyone involved in the production of Archon is a volunteer. None of us gets paid and we spend hours-and-hours of our own time for an entire year planning this three-day fun fest Everyone who comes in the door is like family… Some are more like that crazy uncle we only see once a year, but still family. We take care of our own and we want everyone to have great time. I understand, the people who need to read this, haven’t and probably won’t, but they cannot say there were no warnings.

NO JELLO-SHOTS. Anyone found in possession of or distributing any “Jello shots” will have their badge taken and be removed from the Convention. No exceptions.

We want everyone to have a great time. We try to keep the “rules” to a minimum, but those which are in place, will be strictly enforced.

Not sure about something? Visit the Archon Facebook page or send an email to the Archon Security Committee Member for clarification. We’ll use those questions to develop a Security FAQ!

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