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-As decree of the Klingon High Counsel-


1. All attendees are eligible for arrest, except for the following exceptions, Committee and Department heads and staff, Guest and Panelist and Costumers if they are in costume or during masquerade practice.  Archon Security agents are off limits, as they are protecting us from harm and evil, and they do not interact well with Klingons.


2. No arrest may interrupt a panel or presentation that the arrestee is part of, arrest can happen after panel or presentation is over and with the arrestee permission.


3. No force of any kind, per Archon Security, is allowed in an arrest, or transer of an arrestee from the location of the arrest to the court room.  Public Execusions involving excessive force is not allowed, per Archon Security, and the arrestee will be brought back to the Court Room for sentence to be carried out.


4. A limit on the number of arrest may be placed in affect due to time limitation of the event and or number of warrants placed. The decisions of the Klingon High Court is final, unless a large enough bribe is offered to the Court and the Court accepts the bribe.


5. Warrants will be processed in a first come basis,unless a large enough bribe is offered to the court, then the court may take one warrant over another.So fill out a warrant now or it may be to late.


6. Warrants may be placed on line via the Archon Charity web page, to be executed during the jail and bail. Or placed on the Friday of Archon during the hours the Court table is set up. Table will be in a prominent location either in the hall way of the convention center or the Art Show room, during the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Table will be manned during these hours.


7. Rules are open to change for numerous changes if needed, time and location of table may vary due to manning schedules and other commitments.


The Klingon High Counsel

Gateway Squadron

Cold Terror Fleet

Quadrant Commander RoMatha Sutai-Who



Price List for Arrest Warrants:

~ Issue a basic arrest warrant - $5
~ Ferengi Lawyer to argue case - $5

~ Issue an arrest warrant with:

                        handcuffs and leg shackles - $15

~ Issue an arrest warrant with:

    handcuffs, leg shackles and neck collar - $20

~ To Arrest a judge - $100

~ Judicial Bribe - $40

~ Amnesty - $40

~ Publilc Assassination - $45




All bail is set at $10 OR;

30 minutes in the lock holds OR;

A stupid human trick

Don't want to be arrested by those fun loving Klingon's and humiliated in front of hundreds of Archon goer's, then make sure you get your get out of  Jail free device before they come and take you away. Buy the device from a wondering Klingon or at the Charity Events table in the Art Show Room Friday all day or at least till 4 Pm or Saturday Morning till 12 noon. If you don't get one we can get you. Don't leave your Hotel room with out it.


Swearing out an arrest warrant is easy to do.

1. Print out the apropate form in whole, from the web page (below).

2. Fill out all the information as requested and bring it along with the proper dollar amount to the Jail and Bail

table that will be located in the Art Show Room from 10:30 am Friday to 4:30pm  Friday.  I  Reserve the right to limit the amount of warrants honored for Jail and Bail due to the time limits of the Art Show room being opened on Saturday. So first come, first served.

3. All proceeds from the Jail and Bail will be turned over and counted toward the total amount that will be going to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

4. Spectators will be allowed to watch and may be allowed to sway the court in its verdicts or at least heckle the arrestee's, so show up early, watch the show and donate to the cause.

Court to be Held under the Laws of the Klingon Assualt Group, the Cold Blood Quadrant, The  Ships of the Gateway Squadron and the Iron Heart. Chief Justice the Honorable Cmdr. Romatha Sutai- Who presiding.



Download and fill out your warrants now!



This year, Author Guest of Honor, ERIC FLINT has requested that the

American Breast Cancer Foundation be his charity of choice for Archon 33


All proceeds from the "Jail and Bail" will be given to the

American Breast Cancer Foundation.  

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